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Hedef: 9029 jet My Heart FLOW with Golden GLOW :heart:

Here to Win Your Hearts, not to lose my clothes :)

Odanın kralı:Toplam 7777 jet bahşiş ver!
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Golden Heart

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Fiyat: 120 jet/dk.
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Say Hey to lifesaver SIDD..., Lots of wonders He DID...!! A guy who never left me in MID..., Because Shelz is in his heart's every GRID..!! DO YOU KNOW? That's where I GLOW...., Jdo HABIT PLAYED that's when you SLAYED...!! Le leva IK GERA bcz that's my favourite VERA..., You're the GOAT who sailed my BOAT❤️ I am your GOOD LUCK CHARM....,, Shelz k sath hmesha rhega Sidd ka NAAM..!!! ❤️
MOMO h SPICY.... Ye Banda bada DICY... Cool as an ICY... His Azz is as small as MICY.... He gave me his DIL... Aaj se Bhardo mere sare BILL... ❤️
My Karuuu Paruuu ❤️❤️❤️
About me
Hey ya folks! I am out here hustling to claim my needs and my dreams. Gifted napper, who loves dressing up, here to make a difference with my golden heart. I am starting my Journey, join me in by knocking at my heart, (click on ❤️) and give me a knock. Happy Journey to the ones boarding with me!!! Your Juggler
❤️ For Golden Souls ❤️
Gapuchi nu too many puchii ❤️
❤️ Birthday Bashings...!! ❤️
💜💜💜 SK is 4 ldka bht h BG...!! khud ko kehta Lazy...Baatein krta Crazy...!! He loves dogs on street,,, Pretty Sweet since the day He Greet !! He is Fan of purple,,,,Entered recently in my Circle 💜💜💜
Moto :D

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Hey Sona...!!!❤️Hello All ;)5
Punch my Heart Hard22
Ye Bahana h..tumhe Hasana h❤️15
Haayeee...te Shy.....❤️11
❤️Hush..Focus on Me❤️35
PM/ Accept frnd request55
I am Jealous :D22
Play My Song❤️45
Stop the current Song❤️❤️❤️200
Naam h Karu,Dil kive na Haru❤️15
❤️Let's have Coffee together❤️445
Tongue Twister For You❤️44
Golden Hug <377
Couple dance with Me❤️❤️999
❤️You r my Maggi Masala :P❤️100
Roses for you ❤️151
Listen to Golden words❤️222
❤️Dance on ur song❤️444
Always with you <3❤️❤️❤️2220
❤️Day off ..For you❤️25000
I Love You❤️❤️❤️77777
M hu Gareeb..Kaise aau Kareeb2
User ki Ahh Ahh krwado :D33
Change Attire666
Cheers to Hard Drink2500
Mute the Knight(name)555
Pankha Number 1101
Heels Tour555
Let's Play Cricket555
Will you Marry Me?99999
Persnl Golden Voice Note in PM222
Maar k Jutti...Kar do Chutti 77